Louis Spence’s Search for the Perfect Lift with lastminute.com

Lastminute.com asked EdenCancan to come up with a campaign that would help them promote their ‘May Madness 50% off’ theatre ticket promotion.

EdenCancan’s strategy was simple. Create a piece of video content that communicates the key messages, generates press coverage and can be shared virally, helping to spread the word through social media. All that was needed to make this work was a truly unique creative idea…

Celebrity Louis Spence was filmed as he searched London looking for his perfect Dirty Dancing style dance lift. Louis frolicked with tourists in London’s famous Trafalgar Square fountains, met the foul mouthed puppets from Avenue Q and finally barged his way onto the stage during a rehearsal by the Dirty Dancing cast to be rewarded with his perfect lift from the productions leading man.

The resulting film was watched by over 100,000 people through You Tube and the Lastminute.com social media channel and, amongst other coverage, led to a half page in the UK’s leading tabloid title The Sun. lastminute.com achieved their traffic objectives and were happy that a price promotion campaign was able to attract so much coverage and deliver huge impact.

“Internally this is viewed as one of the most creative and on-brand PR campaigns Lastminute.com has ever executed” NICOLA SHARPE, HEAD OF UK PR, LASTMINUTE.COM